PinnekelPR annouces plans to develope the first ever   Resort and Pavilions. "Our most unique development calls for sports fans   to have the best experience dreamed of." stated Rocky Stephens, co-founder." Pavilions to include; food, shopping, sporting events, and concerts. 
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     Board Members:
Richard Smith, Retired FELCOR Lodging, CEO -  Dallas,Texas.
Gary Reasons, Ex-NFL Giants, 2 times Super Bowler, and   College Football Hall of Famer  - Plano,Texas.
Bradley Pierce, Bradley jeans, CEO - Knoxville, Tennessee.
Rocky Stephens, Curious Dawg, CEO - Knoxville, Tennessee

Rocky Stephens & Martina Hingus    Sloan Stephens   Hotels & Pavilions

This multi-sport pavilion supports a variety of events, from football, track & field and soccer tournaments to performance competitions.To have your signage vue'ed simply contact us.

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Curving Serpentine Pavilion eyed at choice downtown San Jose site
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                      Outdoor Pavilion.
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